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Précised paragraphs on best ten benefits of having green tea: Green tea has numbers of benefits that help in preventing major diseases associated with human health. The below are some best ten green tea benefits:

Green tea is famous for converting harmful or bad cholesterol into good or HDL cholesterol. This helps in avoiding overweight or heart related diseases. Green tea is best for preventing and treating diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. New researches have proved that green can even helps in curing tooth decay problems from early age consumption. Green tea is very famous for treating different types of encephalomyelitis disseminata. Major health diseases like cancer are also cured with green tea. Green tea benefits by preventing different kinds of cancer.

Green tea metabolism effect is also very strong. Green tea improves metabolism power by increasing your daily energy expenditure with 4% that helps in avoiding overweight and obsessed problems. Improved metabolism helps you in eating your favorite food items by controlling your weight. Green tea is best for reducing weight. Green tea extracts are consumed daily by people for avoiding weight gain problems. Green tea burns extra fats and calories from the body by controlling weight, which is really incredible. It is proved by a scientific research that green tea benefits are observed in both humans and animals. Green tea is really a wonderful ingredient.

Green tea helps in increasing your body immunity by helping you to stay away from different kinds of body flu and virus. Increased immunity will help you to stay fit and healthy during all seasons and situations. Last but not the least; green tea is very beneficial for your body because it is considered as a sound way for preventing diseases. In short, green tea doesn’t contain any kinds of side effects. It is always safe to consume green tea extracts or green tea leaves. All the above points are the top ten benefits of consuming green tea or green tea extracts.

Additional instructions:

Green tea is available in various forms and supplements and hence, having any of these extracts will benefit you from different kinds of health diseases. Green tea benefits are really remarkable and therefore, none should avoid it. Develop a regular habit of having green tea from an early age to avoid unwanted health problems and diseases. Moreover, green tea can be consumed by people at any age.

Green tea is a drink made from the potency and dried leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, a shrub local to Asia. Green tea is a type of tea made exclusively with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that has undergone least oxidation during processing. There are three main varieties of tea green, black, and oolong. The difference between the teas is in their processing.

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and reportedly contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Green tea consumption is reportedly associated with various health-promoting properties. Green teas have become an integral part of home remedies everywhere, from skin and teeth care to general preventative measures.

Green tea is quite distinctive as compared to other teas in that it is not fermented. This valuable herbal tea is steamed very quickly after it is harvested in order to keep all of its active ingredients in tact. Green tea’s antioxidants have been shown to be highly beneficial to acne prevention.

Acne is a common condition in teens and adults alike, and is no exception to the theory that a home remedy can sometimes be better. Overactive hormonal activity, which is a huge factor in acne breakouts, can also be limited by using green tea. Drinking green tea will help cleanse your body from the inside out, while applying the topical cream, which goes directly onto the skin, will help cure and prevent acne at the source.

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is extremely refreshing and is great at quenching thirst. Jasmine green tea is made by starting with a Chinese green tea for a base. Jasmine isn’t exactly a kind of green tea, but is a blended tea with green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. The blossoms give the tea a very refreshing taste, and fragrant aroma.

Green Tea Caffeine

Green tea does contain caffeine. Caffeine is a drug, which acts as a tonic to the heart and central nervous system, and it also causes to augment blood pressure in very less time, even though there is no definite evidence of long-term effects on blood pressure. Caffeine free green tea is having a pleasant taste with powerful antioxidant activity, and may be useful for the treatment or prevention of cancer, for collagen formation, arteriosclerosis, triglyceride levels and cholesterol.

Green Tea Side Effects

Green tea contains caffeine, catechins and tannic acids. All three substances have been linked to pregnancy risks. Heavy and prolonged usage of green tea may be related with esophageal cancer. Allergic reactions to green tea may happen. Do not use green tea without first talking to your doctor if you have heart problems or high blood pressure, kidney disease and anxiety or nervous disorder.

Information About Green Tea and Caffeine

It is incredibly important to give more than enough attention to health especially in today’s times. You will find those who have problems with caffeine and as you know, green tea contains caffeine. You possibly can see many advertisements on television about the certain benefits of drinking tea, but for those who can’t consume caffeine, it should be really careful.

It appears that despite the great points about green tea, the modern-day community was able to prove that he also includes a damaging effect. Well, prior to you decide regardless of whether you’ll continue drinking green tea or not, read on and find some amazing data about drinking green tea.

Some on the side benefits of caffeine men and women have palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, and many other side effects. Because this realization, manufacturers of green tea are now doing decaffeinated extracts needs, who cannot eat caffeine.

In fact, there are now supplements that are also decaffeinated. You ought to get this type of green tea and supplements specially in case you aren’t allowed to consume drinks containing caffeine. Even though the caffeine articles or blog posts in green tea is a smaller amount than coffee, a person who is additional sensitive to caffeine will experience the exact same side results from drinking tea.

For every eight ounces of tea, the caffeine content is about forty milligrams. Are you already computing your tea consumption and caffeine do you get? Caffeine is pretty lower in green tea, and in case you can get away with it no damaging effects, you’ll also benefit from the areas of health.

Although green tea contains caffeine, it also contains antioxidants like polyphenols which can benefit the organization. Antioxidants can aid prevent some cancers, reduces levels of bad cholesterol inside the system and can stimulate the immune system. The well being rewards are genuinely incredible and stands out as the reason why even the ancient Chinese continued to serve green tea at household and their guests.

In today’s globe enjoys advanced medical technology and as a result is no longer a surprise if scientists and researchers to find great issues about green tea. Much more and a lot more advanced studies and clinical laboratory screening done to prove the healing properties of tea. In case you think that the positive final results of green tea and additional negative, so no reason for you personally to stop it.

In fact and in fact, caffeine occurs in cocoa beans, tea and coffee. Cola drinks also contain caffeine mainly because manufacturers use to improve the taste from the drink. Green tea and black tea defintely has caffeine simply because the plant (Camellia sinensis) is caffeinated.

If you might be afraid in the benefits of caffeine, it is possible to only buy decaffeinated green tea. Whilst tea contains more caffeine, it would even now taste the same, you nonetheless get the taste of the “kick” when you drink. Most from the decaf tea stands out as the caffeine is removed in the process. However, some studies show that, simply because decaf process, the healing properties are ruined.

If you’ve problems with extreme caffeine, almost certainly get to go to decaffeinated green tea. People who have difficulties related to caffeine are recommended to drink the original green tea so it is possible to take advantage of its healing properties.

Overall, the advantages of drinking the original tea preparation outweigh the adverse effects. It is up to you regardless of whether to drink decaffeinated green tea or the original. Not black, green tea and red. Green tea is obviously from the middle of the relationship of caffeine. So what’s it? Decaf, original, or does not do it at all?

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Green Tea Natural Health Benefits


The Institute for Vibrant Living natural health research dept. has looked into the purported natural health benefits of green tea. Here is their report:


Green tea has been a staple in Asia for more than 5,000 years, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular health-boosting drinks in the world. 


Whether you get it from a cup or a capsule or a dropper (this new ‘delivery system’ is described at the end of this article), green tea is one of the biggest favors you can do for your health, particularly your immune system.


Green tea is produced when the leaves are simply steamed and baked after the picking process. Once that is done, they are rolled and dried.


Because of the way they are prepared, the leaves retain not just their green color but also a significant number of nutrients that other types of tea lose in the preparation process.


For instance, with black tea, the leaves must be wilted first so as to reduce their moisture content. Then they are rolled up and punctured, so that their enzymes are exposed to air and oxidized.


Because it is less processed than black tea, green tea retains an agent called catechin polyphenol, which helps oxidize the fat in your body so that your body burns it more efficiently.


And with its proven ability to accelerate your metabolism, green tea is a choice ingredient in diet pills and is recommended for many weight loss diets. Green tea also acts as a stimulant and diuretic, but contains only half the amount of caffeine you would get in a cup of regular coffee.


Green tea has also been recently credited with slowing down the aging process and strengthening the immune system.


Other recent studies have indicated that drinking green tea may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease as well. According to scientists, it may slow down this devastating condition by reducing certain chemicals which contribute to plaque and protein deposits in the brain.


Another recent study has revealed that green tea provides protection from bladder cancer. “We discovered that the catechins found in green tea protected both normal and cancerous bladder cells from inflammation, when we exposed the cells to hydrogen peroxide,” said Dr. Michael Chancellor who is a professor of urology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, “These results indicate that herbal supplements derived from green tea may be a treatment option for various bladder conditions that are caused by injury or inflammation.”


Green tea’s ability to boost antioxidant levels in the blood has been scientifically proven in many studies. In one study involving 133 heavy smokers who are exposed to DNA damage from smoking, four months of drinking four cups (eight ounces each) of decaffeinated green tea daily reduced the signs of DNA damage by 31 percent.

Most health food stores have green tea in pill form and in the form of tea leaves, almost none have the latest form, a condensed liquid that utilizes a dropper. Either way you go, the antioxidants can boost your health.


Of course, green tea alone can’t guarantee good health.  Today’s research identifies a plant-based diet, a healthy weight, physical activity and avoiding tobacco as the most effective steps to lower cancer risk.


For those who want to boost their energy and immune system, replace three or four cups of coffee or soda per day with green tea.


A particularly convenient way to get the green tea benefits, without having to brew up a pot, is now available in a product called Green Tea Elixir from – just half of a dropper in the liquid of your choice can provide the benefits of several cups of green tea without jitters or an aftertaste.


However you decide to get your green tea, your body should thank you for it!







David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a top retailer specializing in all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit


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Hate Tea? You Can Still Get the Benefits of Green Tea For some years now, the word has been spreading about the multitude of benefits of green tea, but there’s quite a lot that many people don’t realize about this healthy tea. Green tea is a gift from Asia where it has been eaten and drunk for thousands of years. Yes, it can be made into a delicious drink, but the health properties are extraordinary. So what we’ll be doing today is talking about just a few of the many benefits of green tea.

Believe it or not, but green tea has stimulant properties that are not as harsh as found in coffee and the popular high energy quick fixes being sold, today. If you drink green tea in the morning, or before a workout, you can feel more awake and energetic without the nervousness or jitters many people get from coffee. This substance is known to increase the metabolism, and it is very good with those who want to lose weight. Coffee has roughly twice as much caffeine as green tea. Some of the energy drinks on the market are so high in caffeine that it causes unpleasant side effects for some people. So you can take advantage of the stimulating properties of green tea without all the other concerns about high caffeine intake. Green tea is also known for its ability to support your brain with good nutrition and protection. Age related memory loss and conditions are very real for millions, and green tea looks like it may be able to provide some help with memory conditions. The active ingredients in this area are the many types of antioxidants found in green tea. Green tea would also greatly benefit younger people in school because it will help provide antioxidant support which everyone needs.

One of the best aspects of green tea is that it’s a completely natural way to get important nutrients, and it can be consumed in many different forms. In Asian countries, the tea is consumed as a hot beverage, of course, and you can do the same. When it’s hot outside, just make iced green tea instead of hot green tea – problem solved! And if you don’t like tea for some reason, or find it too much trouble to make, you can find many supplements that supply you with a healthy dosage. If the caffeine is an issue, then you can get decaf green tea, but you’ll be losing the natural stimulant properties for weight loss. You can always just drink the decaffeinated from in the evening so you won’t be too wired to sleep. Those are just ideas, and you are the only one who knows the best thing to do for you.

As you have read, green tea is tremendously beneficial for overall health.

We have every reason to be hopeful that even more healthy giving benefits of green tea will be revealed. Our entire body can benefit in so many ways from this tea; plus possible ways we don’t yet know about. You can drink it as tea or take it in capsules, and so it’s incredibly easy and painless to ingest.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the many benefits of green tea. There are no excuses for not being able to take green tea because it’s available in different forms. If you take it regularly, you will enjoy more of the benefits.

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Lower Blood Pressure With Green Tea Green tea must be a researchers paradise because everytime they turn their attention to it something new and great is revealed. Millions of people all over the world love drinking tea, and green tea is even more special because of all the healing properties it contains. But of course the only way you can benefit from it is tea drink it, or take capsules of it, each day. The rest of this article will discuss what green tea has to offer and why you should make it part of your daily life.

Just a few areas where you can benefit concern heart and blood pressure: the former can be healthier, and the latter can be lowered. Green tea has fat burning components so that’s good; and then it will also lower the overall cholesterol count. So think about that: controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol, and then you can lose weight easier, too. The strongest and most compelling effects occur with four cups of green tea every day. Green tea also comes as a decaffeinated tea, as well, just in the event you don’t want to consume that much caffeine. One area of particular interest for people is that green tea is great for your brain health. Not only can drinking green tea (or taking a supplement that contains green tea) make you more alert, but there are promising studies that it may actually help to prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s and other disorders that effect the brain as people age. The active ingredients in this area are the many types of antioxidants found in green tea. But green tea is not just for adults because all people, younger included, will benefit from the healthy properties of green tea.

Consuming green tea is also a good method of detoxification, as it helps the liver to work more efficiently. You can also give your overall immune system a boost thanks to catechins which are antioxidants. This is really fantastic news because your liver is so important for ridding your body of environmental poisons and toxins that make their way into your body. For the greatest effect, try to drink about 3-4 cups of green tea per day, or the equivalent amount in capsule form.

We have every confidence that more will be discovered about green tea as time goes by. There are reams of research data available about green tea, and the health benefits available to you are open and ready for taking. Of course, it’s also important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You can make progress faster than you think if you begin to have a few cups a day.

We’ve really only had time to mention but a few of the many benefits of green tea. There are no excuses for not being able to take green tea because it’s available in different forms. It’s quite easy to make several cups of green tea a day and enjoy it while knowing you’re doing something great for your health.

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Are you shopping for green tea?

The Cool Stuff you Need to Know whenever you Buy Green Tea Matcha

Whenever you buy green tea matcha, you’ll be able to acquire plenty of advantages in terms of well being and high quality. The Matcha tea brand is supported by world-renowned tea master Kazu Handa. For 350 years, the item has been gaining interest worldwide. Handa created the first green tea in the native Japan called the “Domatcha Tea”. The tea is made from 100% pure Japanese green leaf in the Uji and Kyoto where the matcha tea products originated.

According to American tea expert Sebastian Beckwith, the Matcha tea item is made from high-quality green tea that is important in emphasizing the colour when it is being sealed or covered and hang up into smaller tins. Beckwith also explained in the article that anybody that will buy green tea matcha would be able to realize health benefits that are based on reports conducted by Kazu Handa 200 years ago. The health advantages with the tea according to Handa consist of the next:

· The tea contains the essential vitamins this kind of as vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and B6. The tea is abundant with magnesium, thiamin, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

· According to Handa, the tea helps increase mental ability. In addition, it assists enhance the atmosphere because of its high degree of amino acid content.

· The tea contains a higher degree of chlorophyll, that is certainly important in strengthening the blood detoxifier in the physique.

· The tea assists boost the metabolic rate of the body by 40%.

· The Matcha tea product is stated to contain more antioxidants than other green tea products.

· The tea consists of an effective oxidant known as Catechin. The oxidant is primarily used for cancer treatment.

Based on Beckwith, there are also other advantages when you buy green tea matcha. Because of Beckwith’s further studies around the importance of green tea products within the promotion of cook, the tea item has been used in several culinary activities. Some chefs have been using green tea as the basic ingredient for dishes such as western style tempura and tea-smoked turkey.

The Matcha tea item is said for being 1 with the healthiest green tea products when it comes to its anti-oxidant’s measurement or capacity. The Matcha’s antioxidant content has been proven by several experts being above the average antioxidant content discovered in several food products such as chocolate and blueberries. The chlorophyll content of the item is found in the matcha tea powder. The matcha may be the tea becoming served during the traditional tea ceremony known as “Chanoyu” in Japan.

The matcha tea item can also be recognized for its versatility. There is really a wide selection of uses for the product. It’s also used to make beverages such as green tea latte and juice. The tea is also used as a basic ingredient for desserts such as cakes, smoothies, puddings and yogurt. The matcha tea powder could be used as a primary ingredient for making ice cream with green tea flavor. The tea could be an additional ingredient for steaks and soups as well. There are three easy steps you should take be aware of if you’re about to purchase a matcha tea product. The easy actions are composed of the next:

1. Do a research on the tea item first. The extremely initial step is to determine what kind of matcha tea product you’re looking for. Take note that there is a large difference between Japanese and Chinese tea products. Discover the kinds of matcha tea available in the market. Take be aware with the high quality and health advantages you will get whenever you buy green tea matcha.

2.Read reviews on the matcha tea products. The reviews could be found in well being blogs and various websites. Verify the descriptions with the matcha tea product you discover purchasing. Don’t forget to check also the customer reviews regarding the product. The reviews will assist you have a clear guide around the type of green tea you should buy.

3.Have an in-depth take a look at the web site containing reviews about the matcha tea item. Make sure that the website has the following content:

· The detailed information and relevant articles about selling the green tea product.

· Set of standards or instructions supplied by it.

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Green tea pills- give us the several health gains

Green tea is prepared from the same flora as black tea but green tea is prepared from un fermented leaves. The leaves seen in green tea capsulates come from a plant called Camellia sinensis that grows as a tree or shrub all over Asia and in regions of Africa. To make fresh green tea, the oxidising proteins need to be nullified. This is made by steam blasting the new leaves. It’s the deactivation of poly phenol enzyme that admits the polyphenols to remain colorless, granting the refined leaf to stay green. Then the leaves are rolled and heated until they changes to dark green. Eventually the leaves are dehydrated out to a wet content of 3-4 % and are then mashed into pieces .

Every pill consists of green tea distil of about 250 – 500 mg . Many green tea profits are devolved on to the individuals who admits Green Tea Extract Diet Pills in their day to day  dieting. In saturated form, some trust that green tea extract dietpills are more gainful than green tea. These pills are apotheosis for engaged people who don’t get time to think of their health and who do not take tea.

There are numerous profits of these pills ranking from their capability to alleviating quick weight loss to lessen high blood pressure . These green tea extract diet pills are even idealistic to tackle habituations, such as smoking or drinking

Green tea pills has been employed through years as a diuretic and a excitant  . Olden medical practicians also trusted on green tea pills to cure hurts by stop bleeding, better heart health,  body temperature and govern blood sugar.The sanitary attributes of pills are assigned to potential antioxidants called as polyphenols, which  are also creditworthy for the virulent flavor of the tea. The poly phenols in green tea nullify spare radicals and may decrease and  help prevent sthe damage they cause.

Green tea has substantive quantity of caffeine, and hence there are high possibilities that the consequences compared to caffein might also be recorded in people who take green tea supplements or green tea  in surplus. side effects of thses pills include insomnia , diarrhea,constipation  and heart palpitations. Second, one must also be cautious about selecting the exact green tea extract diet pills. There are several marks of fake  Pills being spread in market. Intaking of these Green Tea Extract Diet Pills can extend to some contrary effects on the health. Overdose of these Green Tea Extract Diet Pills can end up in restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and irritability. In pregnant ladies, overdose of  diet pills can cause  neural tube defect in babies, where as in feeding mothers, it leads to insomnia in babies.

Anything that is done in surplus can cause undesired effects on body and the same case is with green tea extract diet pills. These capsules have several  benefits, but mutually they have some drawbacks. Green tea extract diet pills, Do they favor people? The reply to this often asked doubt is that these green tea extract pills gains far surpass its drawbacks, and so these diet pills  are, so far, beleived  to be one among he most famous health add-ons in the world.

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White Tea vs. Green Tea

When looking for the right tea to improve your health, people often turn to Green tea. Nevertheless, White tea is also a powerful source of health benefits that is gaining popularity among tea lovers.

Let the White tea vs. Green tea discussion begin and discover which tea is better for you and your loved ones.

Both teas share the same origin, the tea plant Camellia Sinensis, but undergo different harvesting and processing methods.

Mature leaves, withered in hot air after plucking and then briefly steamed or pan fried will offer you a taste of Green tea, whereas White tea leaves are mainly young buds which simply experience steaming.

White tea vs. Green tea – Common Health Benefits

Both Green and White are powerful sources of health benefits, so let’s enter the world of these cleansing teas and discover what they can do for your health.

Natural fat burner

If you are looking to burn fat, build muscle and feel healthy, these weight loss teas are a great help. The combination of the caffeine in tea and the high amount of antioxidants will allow you to accelerate your metabolism and lose body fat much faster.

Coffee Substitute

Need a boost in the morning? Have a cup of tea! Caffeine in white tea is 15mg per teacup (250ml) on average and caffeine in green tea is 20-25 mg per teacup. Both have less caffeine than coffee, but just the right amount to get you started! Plus it is much healthier stimulant.

Healthy Heart

Both teas can help you prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and regulating your sugar levels.

Preventing Cancer

Powerful antioxidants prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors by fighting free radicals and boosting your immune system.

White tea vs. Green tea – What Sets Them Apart

The difference between these teas rests in the processing. Although green tea health benefits are known around the world, white tea suffers hardly no processing, resulting in a higher amount of antioxidants – as much as three times more than green tea, – making it a more efficient beverage to fight and avoid ailments.

White tea also has less caffeine than green tea, so have a cup of tea and welcome a calmer and less stressful life.

On the other hand, while white tea seems to be healthier, green tea is usually cheaper and easier to find. 

As white tea is only harvested once a year during a short period of time, it is rarer and more expensive. To experience a high quality loose leaf white tea, you will probably have to visit more exquisite tea or gourmet shops.

White tea vs. Green tea – The final Choice

Both teas offer you a world of benefits, but in the end the choice is yours. Should price and availability win over increased health benefits? Try both Green and White Tea, feel their aroma, taste, experiment their immense varieties and share each experience with your loved ones.


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Green Tea Fights Fat

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the natural beneficial properties of green tea. Here is one in a series of reports:


Green Tea Weight Loss Intrigue

You have most likely heard by now of the wide ranging health benefits of green tea. Green tea has also been touted as having the ability to fight heart disease, lower cholesterol, and prevent diabetes and stroke. 

However, many people don’t realize that green tea extract also has the ability to help people lose weight.

For the countless dieters around the world, green tea’s fat burning capability is quite intriguing to say the least. 

Of course, green tea has been used in China for centuries. It has consistently been seen as a drink that boosts health in numerous ways. Historically, green tea has been used to treat headaches, digestive problems and even boost life expectancy.

This curative drink has been catching on more and more in the Western world as news of its health benefits have spread.

Unlike other teas, green tea contains catechins, which are polyphenols that also have anti-inflammatory properties. One catechin, in particular, called epigallocate-chin-3-gallate (EGCG) is noted as being most responsible for increased calorie burning and speeding up weight loss.

EGCG is also a powerful antioxidant. Researchers also believe that it reduces the amount of leptin, which controls the hunger signals sent to the brain.


Weight Loss Results

A variety of recent studies have shown that green tea can not only fight obesity, but also lower bad cholesterol levels or LDL.

Dutch researchers speculated that the caffeine in green tea helps to oxidize fat. Another study that was included in the January 2006 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed people who drank a bottle of tea each day that was fortified with green tea extract.

These subjects lost more weight than those who drank just oolong tea. Researchers speculated that the catechins in green tea might assist with weight loss by encouraging the body to burn calories. 

 In a Japanese study of the fat burning abilities of green tea, 35 Japanese men were followed. The first group drank tea fortified with green tea extract containing 690 milligrams of catechins. The other group drank tea with only 22 milligrams of catechins.

The men ate identical diets and were all in the same weight group. This study showed that the men who drank green tea not only had a reduction in their bad cholesterol levels; they also lost more weight and decreased their BMI.


Tea Extract vs. Weight Loss Pills

Due to the fact that you would need to drink over 8 cups of tea a day to take advantage of the beneficial properties, green tea extract supplements are typically recommended.

Of course, makers of diet pills have jumped on the bandwagon concerning the fat burning abilities of green tea extract. You can now find a variety of pills and supplements that promise weight loss through the power of green tea. Often these diet pills are combined with potentially dangerous ingredients that counteract any health benefits.

While you must proceed with a great deal of caution with green tea diet aids, they are typically less dangerous than other options. However, be sure to read ingredient lists carefully and review with your doctor any supplement that you take for medical conditions you may have.


David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a leading source for all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit


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